summer school banner

This is our seventh Summer Project at Bishop Justus and the fifth as part of the Aquinas Trust. We are excited to welcome our new cohort of students and work with them and their families to establish effective relationships and share a fun-filled week!

Bishop Justus is committed to supporting students and their parents through the transition from Year 6 to 7. We are aware that this can be a particularly stressful time with many changes that can cause anxiety and the Summer Project aims to reduce that stress by providing experiences that aid a smooth transition.

The exciting week is filled with a combination of learning and enrichment all aimed towards gaining an understanding of life at Bishop Justus. Every morning worship is delivered, followed by six sessions. At lunch time, students will be provided with a meal from the Bistro which they will enjoy in the canteen. They can then spend the rest of their time doing various activities in the courtyard and school grounds allowing them to socialise with others and establish new friendships. The programme is designed to familiarise the students with the ethos and routines at Bishop Justus. Friday is our extracurricular days with a range of exciting activities on offer as well as parental workshops and displays from the week’s work and a family get together in the afternoon with tea and cake. This is a fantastic chance for families to get to know each other and share their experiences.

We look forward to seeing you on the 13th August!